Farewell Rod!

In January 2015, Santa Monica’s CityTV 16 covered the retirement party for Santa Monica city manager Rod Gould, where employees and colleagues bid him farewell and good luck.

“It has been one of the greatest honors of my career to get to work with many of you…I could not be more pleased and impressed with the work, the dedication, the honesty and the innovation of the City staff here in Santa Monica.” – Rod Gould, Santa Monica’s city manager from 2010-2015

In the Chair – Santa Monica City Manger Rod Gould Discusses His Retirement

Following his announcement that he would retire at the end of January 2015, Santa Monica City Manager Rod Gould discussed the challenges of the city manager position and his post-retirement plans with Brenton Garen, the Executive Editor of local news outlet Westside Today.

“The breadth and scope of the work is greater in Santa Monica than most cities of 90,000 anywhere in the United States and perhaps the world. This city aspires to be a leader, not just in traditional municipal services, but in things like sustainability, technology, mobility, aid to the homeless, and aid to education.” – Rod Gould, City Manager of Santa Monica

Rod Gould shares his experience as Santa Monica City Manager – Point of View

In November 2010, Point of View (PoV) — the television program and on-line media organization of the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs (CIPA) — interviewed Rod Gould, City Manager of Santa Monica, California as a follow-up to his guest lecture for Cornell’s MPA colloquium series on November 11, 2010.

In this interview, Rod discusses his role as Santa Monic’as City Manager, describes how the position has evolved since the 1980s, and examines the current and future challenges of city management in general. Finally, Rod Gould offers encouragement for others interested in pursuing careers in city management.

“I would hope that the bright students in your graduate school would consider local government as a potential career…I think the chance to make the greatest difference is at the local level…If you want to make a difference in people’s lives, go to cities because that’s where people live…Cities are the incubators of civilization.” – Rod Gould, City Manager of Santa Monica

Environmental Conference of Arab Entities

In early November 2015, Rod Gould traveled to the United Arab Emirates to represent ICMA by giving a talk on marine conservation and coastal management at a conference put on by the Environmental Conference of Arab Entities. It was held in the Fujairah Emirate and was conducted partly in English and partly in Farsi. Rod Gould at Environmental Conference of Arab Entities

 Rod Gould at Environmental Conference of Arab Entities  Rod Gould at Environmental Conference of Arab Entities

Rod Gould – City Manager of Santa Monica

In April 2012, Rod Gould was the subject of a video interview with the California City Management Foundation (CCMF) as part of their ‘Meet Your City Manager’ video series. These videos feature candid interviews with respected city managers from across California talking about the council-manager relationship, their favorite accomplishments as managers and their love for the profession.

“My favorite thing about being a city manager is seeing City employees digging in and doing their jobs really, really well. Contrary to the conventional wisdom that says [government] employees are lazy (or worse), the public employees I’ve gotten to work with over 26 years are dedicated and smart and altruistic and extremely creative.” – Rod Gould, City Manager of Santa Monica

Santa Monica Serves as test Site

In December 2011, Santa Monica Police Chief Tim Jackman announced he would retire early in 2012. As city manager, I was determined to carry out a nationwide search and not be content to simply interview the usual list of candidates.

I had become aware that ICMA was doing work with industrial psychologists on the traits and characteristics that are
essential for police and fire chiefs to be successful in local governments across the United States. This was intriguing to me, and I wanted to be sure that this recruitment was tailored to Santa Monica’s unique needs.

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“Lessons Learned From the Witch Creek Fire”

Rod Gould authored “Lessons Learned From the Witch Creek Fire” in 2008 while serving as the City Manager of Pomona. This article went on to win the International Communicator Award – Gold Medal. 

Sunday, Oct. 21, 2007, dawned like any other warm and sunny autumn morning in the City of Poway. However, by noon there was smoke in the air and a reported wildfire between Julian and Ramona, east of Poway. The Red Cross set up an evacuation center at the Poway High School gym. Fire, law enforcement and city officials gathered to assess intelligence about the spread of the fire. After a meeting of the cooperative agencies, our best guess was that fires would enter the City of Poway at 5:00 a.m. the next morning.

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