Santa Monica City Manager Rod Gould: Retiring Observations

In September 2014, The Planning Report — a Los Angeles-area trade publication — interviewed Santa Monica city manager Rod Gould about Santa Monica’s fiscal health, its development challenges, and its opportunities as Metro light rail connects this city with the greater LA region.

Excerpt: “Five or six years since the recession lifted, the sun looks like it’s coming out in California and across America. But those cities still need to hold their purse strings tight, remain very prudent, and say no much more than they can say yes—in order to not imperil their fiscal stability into the future. That’s bitter medicine.

I’m hopeful that your readers recognize how important cities are to civilization in general, and to us in the great state of California. We have 482 cities, and over 80 percent of Californians live in cities. As go the cities, so goes California, America, and much of the world. The care, feeding, nurturing, and stewardship of cities is pretty darn important, and that’s why I’ve given my career to it.” – Rod Gould, City Manager of Santa Monica

To read the full Rod Gould interview, click here.

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