“The Politics of Abundance”: an Interview with Santa Monica’s Retiring City Manager, Part One

In January 2015, Rod Gould sat down for an interview with “Santa Monica Next” — a community organization and news website focused on the future of Santa Monica — to talk about the last five years, his plans for the future, and the challenges facing Santa Monica.

Excerpt: “I think the biggest issue facing my successor is the politics of abundance. There is an abundance of resources in this city. There is an abundance of financial as well as human assets in town. There is an abundance of opportunities, so choosing amongst them and making the best choices for the long-term health of the city is probably the biggest challenge.

Most cities would kill for the opportunities that Santa Monica fights over daily. Many of the opportunities in development or finance that have been quite controversial here would have approved overnight in most cities because they brought jobs, they brought opportunity, they brought revenue, they brought stability.

Santa Monica has the opportunity to be the choosiest of cities, to pick only the best of the best. I’m just hoping that it will.” – Rod Gould, Santa Monica City Manager

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